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An industry leader in Career Coaching Services and Professional Firefighter Training Courses. All of Firehouse Training services are in accordance with the NFPA Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications and industry best practices.

Do you require some guidance, support and coaching through the highly competitive fire service hiring process? Are you looking for some additonal fire service training courses and emergency services education?

Are you already hired on a fire service, but may be interested in looking for some additional courses, education and training based on NFPA Standards and industry best practices?

We can help get you to the next level!

This one-on-one personal career coaching will assist in a stronger approach during this journey. Serving recruit firefighter candidates across Canada, Ontario and the GTA; Firehouse Training - Canadian Firefighter Recruitment Coaching specializes in firefighter and fire service coaching, consulting and career building. We will work with you from the early stages of the application and hiring process, firefighter aptitude and practical skills testing and panel interviews…right up until the day you receive a job offer and your badge.

We have been helping firefighter candidates, fire prevention officers and inspectors, fire investigators, fire and life safety educators and fire department dispatchers gain employment since 2013. We have also assisted candidates looking for employment in the fire alarm detection and sprinkler protection industry, including CFAA certified fire and life safety techncians in the private sector.

We have signature systems, courses and training formulas that will guarantee success in all facets of the fire service hiring process. As a candidate, you can work with our Firehouse Training staff to choose which areas may require the most attention and guidance, for your personalized coaching session.

Already Hired?

Are you a professional firefighter and looking for some continuing education opportunities and practical training? Are you looking to sharpen your current skillset and bring some value-added industry best practices back to your crews? Firehouse Training offers various courses in hazardous materials, high-rise firefighting and industrial response tactics, incident management and fireground strategies. We offer an array of enhanced, practical fire service courses that will reignite your passion and competencies for the job, and provide you that extra training certificate you desire as part of your career succession planning!

Career preparation services within Firehouse Training include:
  • Ontario Fire Marshal- NFPA Level I & II Test Preparation Tutoring Sessions
  • Application and Portfolio Preparation
  • Resume and Cover Letters
  • Written Aptitude Test Tutoring (CPS, OS and OFAI Testing)
  • Fire Service Panel Mock Interview Coaching
  • Firefighter Practical Skills Training (OFAI Stage 3, CPAT, York and Brock Fitness)
  • Training Certifications
  • Online Training

Firehouse Training featured in May 2019 Edition of Firefighting in Canada Magazine!!

Training & Coaching Sessions

Firehouse Training currently offers our personalized coaching and training sessions for the following areas, during the dates and times provided below. We also offer package discounts for candidates who may be interested in scheduling more than one coaching session at a time. Each individual coaching session is scheduled for a duration of three hours.

Cover Letter Prep and Resumes

Our resume customization methods are based on previous feedback from Fire Chiefs and Human Resource hiring panels from across the industry.

Practical Firefighter Skills Training

Firehouse Training can provide the candidate with hands-on practice scenarios based on the testing requirements by many of the major testing facilities in the country.

Fire Service Portfolio Prep

Firehouse Training will assist the candidate in organizing and preparing a professional portfolio of certifcations, education and experience to present to the fire department during the application process and/or live interview

Written Aptitude Test Tutoring

Firehouse Training can assist and tutor candidates to achieve the desired results they will need to be successful and pass a firefighter recruitment written entry exam.

Ontario Fire Marshal- NFPA Level I & II Test Preparation Tutoring Sessions

This tutoring session will improve the preparedness of the firefighter candidate, and emphasize key study areas, which will be evaluated on the OFMEM NFPA Level & II standardized provincial test.

Training Certifications and Courses

First Aid, CPR and Automated External Defibrillator Training (WSIB Certified), Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher Training, Confined Space Entry and Rescue, Trench Rescue Awareness, Hazardous Materials Spill Response, Technical Rope Rescue Courses, High Rise Fire Safety

Fire Service Mock Panel Interview Preparation

At Firehouse Training, we will provide the candidate with specific interview question preparation and analyze key words and quality attributes, to get you to that next level.

Practical Firefighter Skills Test Refresher Training

Firehouse Training can provide the candidate with hands-on practice scenarios based on the testing requirements by many of the major testing facilities in the country.

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