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Firefighter TRAINING & Recruitment Coaching Services

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We provide the following services:

Resume And Cover Letter

Aptitude Test Preparation

Mock Interview Coaching

NFPA Certification Test Review

OFAI Technical Skills Preparation

Fire Department Training Courses

Online Training

We are Changing the Game of Fire Service Training

Today’s Fire Service is evolving. The hiring process is constantly changing, and may be impossible to predict. That’s what makes us different. Firehouse Training is an industry leader with enhanced firefighter training programs and career coaching services. Fire Departments are looking for candidates who not only have specialized training in technical rescue; but in the areas of incident command, hazardous materials, high-rise firefighting, fire prevention, mental health and leadership development.

Firehouse Training students can participate in fire service education through our various in-class or online training formats. We train firefighters and professional fire departments.

Firehouse Training is a provider for Canadian Fire Alarm Association: CFAA Registered Technician Continuing Education and Professional Development Credits to maintain your annual registration. Documentation and certificates can be submitted for credit allotment upon your registration renewal request with the CFAA. Inquire today for fire alarm related course listings, and details.


TUES. JULY 9TH, 2024

Firefighter Interview Preparation Session

SUN. AUG. 18TH, 2024

Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Battery & Fire Explosion Awareness
Starting at $200 + HST

SUN. OCT. 6TH, 2024

Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Battery Fire & Explosion Awareness
$245 + HST

So You Want To Be A Firefighter Eh?



With everything that has occurred over the last year, it is important to set some career goals and get ready for an incredible year of fire service applications, aptitude testing and job interviews.

Our Amazon Best-Selling book “So you want to be a Firefighter Eh?” Firehouse Training Recruitment Guidebook is the perfect start! With chapters designed as a one-stop-shop of comprehensive content and information to help you navigate through the fire department hiring and recruitment process, you won’t need anything else!

Now is the time to get a gift for yourself and prepare to live your dream!

Entry-Level firefighter aptitude test preparation Study ManuAl

This test preparation manual provides the most up-to-date aptitude assessment content available in Canada, for candidates looking for a career in the fire services. Use this manual for examples of enhanced study assessment questions that you will see on a variety of entry-level firefighter tests found throughout Canada.

With 100 pages and over 300 common aptitude test question examples in the areas of oral comprehension, reading and writing ability, math, mechanical, map reading and interpersonal relations; this manual will provide the edge you need to be successful on you next test!

only $44.99

Professional Fire Department Training Courses • NFPA Standardized Education • CFAA Continuing Education Credits


Where Preparation And Perseverance Meets Excellence!

Do you require some guidance, support and coaching through the highly competitive fire service hiring process? Are you looking for some additional fire service training courses and emergency services education? All services are available in both our virtual class or in-person formats.

We provide the following services:

  • Application Preparation
  • Resume And Cover Letter
  • Aptitude Test Tutoring
  • Panel Interview Coaching
  • NFPA Certification Test Review
  • OFAI Practical Skills Preparation
  • Training Certifications & Courses
  • Online Training

Are you already hired on a fire service, but may be interested in looking for some additional courses, education and training based on NFPA Standards and industry best practices?



Firehouse Training offers practical and online fire department training courses for fire services across Canada:

  • Hazardous Materials Training
  • Tactical Ventilation & Fire Dynamics
  • High-Rise Firefighting Tactics
  • Industrial Fire & Spill Response Training
  • Incident Command & Emergency Management
  • Fireground Strategies and Search Tactics

We offer an array of enhanced, practical fire service courses that will reignite your passion and competencies for the job, and provide you that extra training certificate you desire as part of your career succession planning and professional development. Call us for a training quote today.

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Firehouse Training is committed to providing high quality and professional fire service training, to both job seeking applicants and career emergency services staff. 

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