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This one-on-one personal online career coaching will assist in a stronger approach during this journey. Serving recruit firefighter candidates across Canada; Firehouse Training specializes in firefighter and fire service coaching, consulting and career building. Throughout our virtual classroom training sessions, we will work with you from the early stages of the application and hiring process, firefighter aptitude and practical skills testing and panel interviews…right up until the day you receive a job offer and your badge.

We have been helping firefighter candidates, fire prevention officers and inspectors, fire investigators, fire and life safety educators and fire department dispatchers gain employment since 2013.

We have also assisted candidates looking for employment in the fire alarm detection and sprinkler protection industry, including CFAA certified fire and life safety techncians in the private sector.

We have signature systems, courses and training formulas that will guarantee success in all facets of the fire service hiring process. As a candidate, you can work with our Firehouse Training staff to choose which areas may require the most attention and guidance, for your personalized coaching session.

Why Choose Firehouse Training?

Firehouse Training: Canadian Firefighter Recruitment Career Coaching can provide in-class coaching as well as custom mobile coaching right in the comfort of your own home, computer, coffee shop or off-site location for many of the services provided in our training portfolio.This coaching option is ideal for candidates who may live far away, have transportation issues or scheduling conflicts.

We Provide Step-By-Step Action Plans For Each Candidate

We provide the following services:

  • Application Preparation
  • Resume And Cover Letter
  • Aptitude Test Tutoring
  • Panel Interview Coaching
  • NFPA Certification Test Review
  • OFAI Practical Skills Preparation

The difference between Firehouse Training: Canadian Firefighter Recruitment Coaching and the competition, is that following your session we will provide a clearly defined step-by-step action plan to use as a tool to move toward achieving goals and an oriented career action strategy. With our wide range of expertise, we can provide specific direction to assist the candidate throughout every step of the hiring process starting from application, to the final panel interview. The candidate will not only receive quality training and consulting advice from our career coach, but will leave each session with tangible goals, that they can use as a guide for the future.

Career Coaching For Fire Inspectors, Investigators, Fire & Life Safety Educators Security Guards, Police Officers & Dispatchers

Firehouse training can provide candidate coaching services for various positions throughout the emergency services. We can provide custom assistance for applicants applying for positions as Fire Prevention Officers, Fire Inspectors, Fire Investigators, Public Fire and Life Safety Educators and Fire Service Communication Dispatchers. Based on the previous experience within our team members at Firehouse Training in both the private and public sector, we can provide everything you need to prepare for employment within the various divisions of the fire, secuirty and police services.

We Can Provide Employment And Volunteering Opportunites For Candidates

Firehouse Training will assist the candidate in solidifying different volunteer opportunities, and fire and emergency services related employment in many regions across Canada. This will help the candidate take their resume and experience to the next level and improve their professional hiring qualifications. We can help the candidate find and secure employment opportunities through our contacts and referrals in both the private and public sectors.We will provide the candidate with proven opportunities to build employment qualifications and increase community volunteerism.

Mobile CAREER Coaching Services And Skype Coaching

Firehouse Training: Canadian Firefighter Recruitment Career Coaching can provide custom mobile coaching right in the comfort of your own home, computer, coffee shop or off-site location for many of the services provided in our training portfolio.This coaching option is ideal for candidates who may have transportation issues or scheduling conflicts, when rendering our services and cannot make it to our state of the art training facility. We can come directly to you to provide professional career coaching, for an additional cost. Inquire for pricing.

What We Offer

Phone, Skype Or In-Person Consultations

Many of our professional services can be attained by phone, Skype or in-person consultations at the choice of the candidate. We have career and private sector experience to assist candidates looking for every type of career in the fire services. We have had great success in not only assisting firefighter candidates, but also preparing and coaching candidates for positions in Fire Prevention and Inspections, Fire Investigations, Fire and Life Safety Education, Fire Protection and Sprinkler Technician and Fire Service Dispatcher positions.

Firehouse Training

Ontario Fire Marshal - NFPA Level I & II Test Preparation Tutoring Sessions

Are you prepared to write for your OFM/NFPA Pro Board firefighter test? Have you completed your college Pre-Service Firefighter program, but were unsuccessful in passing the standardized provincial fire marshals testing?

This one day OFMEM practical and written test prep tutoring session is specially designed to help students who have recently graduated from a Pre-Service Fire Fighting program, or those who have completed college graduation requirements in the past, but have yet to achieve the required OFMEM written and practical performance competencies. This one-day, custom prep tutoring session will assist those looking for future employment in the fire service, and fully complete the standardized NFPA Level I and II provincial testing requirements.

This tutoring session will improve the preparedness of the firefighter candidate, and emphasize key study areas, which will be evaluated on the OFMEM NFPA Level & II standardized provincial test.

Key Study Preparation Topics Include:

  • Fire Department Communications
  • Building Construction and Fire Behaviour
  • Firefighter SCBA and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Structural Search, Victim Removal and Firefighter Survival
  • Ground Ladders and Forcible Entry
  • Tactical Ventilation and Water Supply
  • Basic Tools and Equipment
  • Ropes, Webbing and Knots
  • Fire Hose and Fire Streams
  • Fire Loss Control and Fire Protection Systems
  • Hazardous Materials/ Weapons of Mass Destruction Operations

Upon successful completion of this practical and written test tutoring session, each firefighter candidate will receive a reference letter of completion, to place within their professional application portfolio. Inquire with Firehouse Training for upcoming session availability, pricing and dates.

Training Certifications And Courses

  • First Aid, CPR and Automated External Defibrillator Training (WSIB Certified)
  • Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Confined Space Entry and Rescue
  • Trench Rescue Awareness
  • Hazardous Materials Spill Response
  • Technical Rope Rescue Courses
  • High Rise Fire Safety

Online Training

  • Printable certificates from anywhere
  • Flexible training – no scheduling classroom sessions. Train at home or work.
  • Free online tracking of courses on our easy-to-use system.

Cover Letter Preparation And Resumes

The fire service recommends specific guidelines and layouts in regards to your overall application profile. We can help customize your resume and cover letter to highlight your fire service related education, experience and community volunteerism. Our resume customization methods are based on previous feedback from Fire Chiefs and Human Resource hiring panels from across the industry.

Fire Service On-Line And Written Applications

We can help the candidate navigate the process of submitting an online, mailed or in-person applications by utlizing the candidates resume, cover letter and portfolio of certificates and education to ensure that nothing is overlooked, prior to submitting your application to a fire service.

Fire Service Portfolio Preparation

Do you have a professional portfolio prepared to highlight your skills? This is an often overlooked part of the hiring process on behalf of the candidate. Firehouse Training will assist the candidate in organizing and preparing a professional portfolio of certifcations, education and experience to present to the fire department during the application process and/or live interview. This professional portolfio will include highlighting specific education, training certifications and licences, proof of employment, community involvment, volunteering and reference letters.

Practical Firefighter Skills Test Refresher Training

Firehouse Training can provide the candidate with hands-on practice scenarios based on the testing requirements by many of the major testing facilities in the country. Practical skills training can prepare the candidate for the following recruitment testing companies:

  • OFAI Ontario Fire Administration Inc. (Practical Fire Skills, Fitness and Written Skills Testing, Medical Scenario Practice)
  • Gledhill Shaw Candidiate Testing Services and Occupational Screening (CPS/OS Recruitment Test)
  • Brock University Firefighter Recruitment Testing Services
  • York University Firefighter Recruitment Testing Services
  • Candidate Physical Abilities Testing (CPAT)

Written Aptitude Test Tutoring Preparation

Firehouse Training can assist and tutor candidates to achieve the desired results they will need to be successful and pass a firefighter recruitment written entry exam. Common Subjects on Firefighter Tests include:

  • Mathematicals and Numerical Aptitude
  • Written and Reading Comprehension
  • Oral Comprehension
  • Situational Judgment and Human Relations
  • Map Reading
  • Mechanical Aptitude
  • Spatial Reasoning

Written aptitude test coaching can prepare the candidate for the following recruitment testing companies and types using various practice tests and study material:

  • OFAI Ontario Fire Administration Inc. National Fire Select Test (NFST/OS Style Testing)
  • Gledhill Shaw Candidiate Testing Services and Occupational Screening (CPS/OS Recruitment Test)
  • Fire Department Custom Testing (NFPA/IFSTA Firefighter Tests)

Fire Service Mock Interview Preparation

Many career coaching companies spend a great deal of time critiquing the mock interview after it has taken place, rather than taking the time to prepare the candidate efficiently for it.

At Firehouse Training, we will provide the candidate with specific interview question preparation and analyze key words and quality attributes, to get you to that next level. Our training is based on fire department behavior based soft-skill question preparation, as they anticipate the practice for the mock panel interview. Our mock interview sessions will be complete with suit and tie, and/or appropriate dress required for the candidate, just as they would on the big day. The candidate will understand the importance of warm eye contact and posture, appropriate dress and behaviors, including the various tips and strategies that will ensure a perfect first impression.

Feedback provided from various human resource divisions and hiring panels from both the private and public emergency services management have been given to help the candidate be as prepared as possible…so they can “Smoke their Fire Service interview”! Our coaching staff have experience and knowledge working with a majority of fire services across the country, in regards to the expectations and hiring process’ to guide the candidate, for the specific fire department they are applying for.


That’s OK. We not only help candidates from Canada but across the United States through our various virtual career coaching and fire service training program options. We provide specific application assistance for those applying to Fire Services within the US and overseas.

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Firehouse Training is committed to providing high quality and professional fire service training, to both job seeking applicants and career emergency services staff. 

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