Drone Fundamentals Training for the Emergency Services

Are you interested in learning about how drones can be used in the Emergency Services?

Firehouse Training has partnered with Element 3 Robotics to provide comprehensive drone training for the Emergency Services, all to the NFPA Standard. Drones are used in the Emergency Services and can be sent to fire or hazmat locations, using cameras with thermal imaging technology to help first responders in their rescue efforts provide critical on-site information that helps first responders.

This hands-on practical drone training program for emergency responders will provide the student with enhanced skills in RPAS Remotely Piloted Aircraft System fundamentals and concepts specific to the Fire & Emergency Services. This training course will provide the student with familiarization and application of drones in public sector emergency services including drone fundamentals and capabilities, regulations and operating requirements. There will be a hands-on practical component involving live flight practice
for students, scenario-based skill evaluations and mission-specific tasks.

Core topics for our Two-Day NFPA Standardized Drone Training Programs will include:

  • Understanding drone regulations and operating requirements  (legislation, maintenance and flight logs)
  • Understanding drone systems, capabilities and components
  • Mission planning- site surveys, flight permissions from NavCanada, preparing for lost link and loss of control situations
  • Practical skills developments and hands-on RPAS training
  • Scenario-based skills to develop operating confidence and emergency scene awareness

All training content is in accordance with NFPA 2400: Standard for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Used for Public Safety Operations. Various training programs range from 2 to 5 days in duration. All students will develop operational skills on various drones presented in a hands-on environment which includes a 3-1 instructor cadre.

Advanced Multi-Day Drone Training Programs include:

  •   Operational flight training developing from basic flight maneuvers to advanced operational scenarios
  •   Scenario-Based training covering Search and Rescue, Tactical Support  & Scene Evidence 
  •   Training includes entry-level to graduation to Advanced Flight Scenarios with the M210 and  M300 drone systems
  •   Mapping for Emergency Management
  •   Thermal Imaging 
    • Our Instructors have served as Search and Rescue Coordinators, Police Canine Operators, Tactical Operators, Collision reconstruction, Explosive Technicians as well as guest instructors with operational firefighting and hazmat expertise. This background brings real-world operational experience to this RPAS Training course specific to the Emergency Services like nothing else offered in Canada today. All training will take place at the Grimsby Regional Fire Training Centre, in Grimsby, Ontario. Inquire for upcoming training dates and course costs.

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    Firehouse Training is committed to providing high quality and professional fire service training, to both job seeking applicants and career emergency services staff. 

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