Firehouse Training is a member of the NFPA National Fire Protection Association for Standards and Training.



Are you a professional Firefighter, Company Officer or Fire Chief and looking for some continuing education opportunities and practical training? How about assistance with preparing for the new Firefighter written theory and practical skills recertification process in Ontario and other provinces.

Is your volunteer or career fire department looking to sharpen your current skill-set and bring some value-added industry best practices back to your crews?

Firehouse Training offers practical hands-on and virtual fire department training courses for fire services across Canada.

Fire Department Training Topics include:

Firehouse Training offers practical and online fire department training courses for fire services across Canada:

  • Hazardous Materials Training

  • Tactical Ventilation & Fire Dynamics

  • High-Rise Firefighting Tactics

  • Industrial Fire & Spill Response Training

  • Incident Command & Emergency Management

  • Fireground Strategies and Search Tactics

We offer an array of enhanced, practical fire service courses that will reignite your passion and competencies for the job, and provide you with that extra training certificate you desire as part of your career succession planning and professional development. Call us for a training quote today.

Our training programs can also be completed on-site at your fire department location also. Click here for more training programs available for your fire department.

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Firehouse Training is committed to providing high quality and professional fire service training, to both job seeking applicants and career emergency services staff. 

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