Firefighter Resume Services

Why are our Firefighter resume and cover letter services the BEST?
Because we make your overall application better!


We have Certified Human Resource Professionals on staff specific to the Emergency Services to assist you.

Our team actively reviews your current resume, provides feedback and highlights the various courses, volunteering, job experience and education that the fire service leaders are looking for in today’s ideal candidate. We do not just create a new template or layout like many resume writing companies out there…we create a better firefighter candidate application. Don’t believe us…check out our Google Reviews here. Our results speak for themselves!

Can’t make it to our training facility for our personalized one-on-one resume coaching assistance? Is our monthly training schedule not matching up with yours? Do you live outside of Ontario and somewhere else in the country?

Well that’s okay, because we also provide a resume and cover letter service that you can utilize from the comforts of your own home!
Purchase our resume, cover letter and professional development feedback service today and we can create, re-create and customize your fire service specific resume in only a few short days!

Firehouse Training Can Provide The Following:

  • Customized Firefighter resume and cover letters specific to the Fire and Emergency Services
  • Emailed and provided to you in a word or PDF format for ease of transmission
  • Easy to use templates so the candidate can make any future changes
  • Custom fonts, and keywords that stand out to most fire services in the public or private industry
  • Customized resume and cover letter for those looking for employment as a fire protection technicians, fire inspectors, fire investigators and fire safety educators
  • Professional development feedback and recommendations (Value Added!)

Professional Development Feedback Service:

Why does this Firefighter resume and cover letter service cost more than other companies?

Because we give you more…a lot more!! At Firehouse Training, we do a lot more than just re-create your personal resume and cover letter. With our on-staff Human Resource Certified Professionals and over 15 years of experience in the fire services, rescue and safety industry and fire protection fields.

Firehouse Training offers more value-added services than the competition

  • Certified Human Resource Professionals, CHRP Certified Staff for Resume & Interview Preparation
  • Complete review of your cover letter and resume with a variety of track-proven templates 
  • Detailed friendly writer software indicators specific for the Emergency Services
  • Course recommendations to enhance fire department needs
  • Guaranteed keyword match rate for resume sorting tracking systems above 84% to enhance your chances of getting past keyword applicant tracking software

We will take the time to review your current experience and provide custom feedback and opportunities to our clients through volunteering options, part-time employment in the fire industry, communicating with past employers and volunteer agencies to obtain reference letters and proof of employment, as well as future training course, volunteering recommendations and career guidance.

Our FIREFIGHTER Resume And Cover Letter Feedback Service May Include:

  • Reviewing your resume application for areas of improvement in relation to education, training and courses
  • Review of your resume to better highlight and add to areas in volunteering and community involvement (A must for fire departments now!)
  • Review of your resume of experience to indicate highlights in the areas of public education and fire prevention (A must for all new recruits across Canada!)
  • Providing a checklist for certification and fire service portfolio requirements for your application packages
  • Indicate the areas in which a reference letter or proof of volunteering is required
  • Indicate the areas where you can better enhance your employment, education and volunteering experience
  • Firehouse Training will provide opportunities in the areas of community involvement, fire industry employment, fire prevention, educational training and course recommendations and career consulting that you will not find anywhere else
  • We can provide these opportunities through years of industry connections and promotional partnerships to help our candidates gain fire industry experience and enhance your applications

Okay, So This Service Is Different, But How Much Does It Cost?

Within our experience and industry connections at Firehouse Training, we can put you in the right direction when it comes to expanding your employment, fire experience and volunteering options to make your applications even stronger. Want to outshine your completion, and get something more than just a shiny new resume and cover letter?

Cost: $290 + HST

Frequently Asked Questions

Firehouse Training

So what do I do now that I have purchased this service?

Firehouse Training will reach out to you to set-up a phone call with one of our professional staff to discuss your current experience and condition of your current resume and cover letter, and confirm your needs and an appropriate date of completion. We will also begin to conduct your professional development assessment, to discuss the other areas where we can help you!

When will my FIREFIGHTER resume and cover letter be completed?

Firehouse Training can complete your enhanced resume and cover letter in approximately 3 to 7 days, depending on specific client request.

Can Firehouse Training help me better organize my training certificate and application portfolio?

Yes, at Firehouse Training we specialize not only in the development of a strong resume and cover letter, but teach our clients how to better organize your current portfolio of certificates and education in an organized, professional format that will be ready for your next application submission or interview! This is an often overlooked and vital part of the initial application process.

Can Firehouse Training hook me up with a job in the fire industry, or volunteering and community involvement so I can gain more experience?

YES! This is what makes Firehouse Training different than our competition. We have industry connections, training opportunities and a list of potential employers and volunteer organizations across Ontario and Canada looking for strong candidates. We can work to introduce you to these opportunities and move you in the right direction to better increase your chances of getting hired as a professional firefighter!

So I just wait for the phone call from Firehouse Training, and then send in my old resume, or current list of experience and education and they can make my new resume and cover letter even bigger and better than it was before if I purchase this service

Yes! That is what we do and specialize in at Firehouse Training. 

From career coaching services, professional training courses and fire safety consulting we are the best at what we do based on experience, industry associations and relationships, customer communication and satisfaction. Fire Service professionalism is the hallmark of our business.  

Are You Ready?


Contact Us Today!

Firehouse Training is committed to providing high quality and professional fire service training, to both job seeking applicants and career emergency services staff. 

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