So You Want To Be A Firefighter, EH?

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Is your goal for 2023 to get hired by your dream fire department?

With everything that has occurred over the last year, it is important to set some career goals and get ready for an incredible year of fire service applications, aptitude testing and job interviews. This “So you want to be a Firefighter Eh?” Firehouse Training recruitment guidebook is the perfect start! With chapters designed as a one-stop-shop of comprehensive content and information to help you navigate through the fire department hiring and recruitment process…you won’t need anything else! Now is the time to get a gift for yourself and prepare to live your dream!

Are you aiming for a career as a firefighter, fire inspector, fire prevention officer, or dispatcher? How about a job in the fire protection industry? This recruitment guidebook has been broken up into multiple sections as a one-stop stop, user-friendly fire service guidebook. We will be discussing the following areas including:

• Firefighters roles and responsibilities
• Job opportunities throughout the Fire Service in Canada
• Tips and strategies on how to land your dream job, from the initial application stage to the final interview
• Fire Service aptitude test questions, interview questions and more
• Managing your fire service career over the long term

Let’s get 2023 started off with a bang…and take advantage of some great products and services from Firehouse Training.

Quote From The Author

“This book is built not only on a passion for the fire service and everything that it stands for…but also experience. Experience in digging deep to find that motivation and perseverance to not only prepare for a career in the fire service but actively engage in the pursuit through many recruitment processes’ to get it.

With countless training courses and education, hundreds of applications across the country, aptitude tests written and interviews spanning over a time of ten years, everything in this guidebook comes from a place of hard work, determination, dedication and acceptance of failure. This has made me the firefighter that I am today…and also the most comprehensive and well-rounded fire service recruitment guidebook ever written in Canada…hands-down! Understanding the journey…is not the same as taking it. I’ve been there, and understand what it takes, every step of the way. I hope you find the content in this guidebook valuable, as you pursue your journey into the fire service”

“Work hard in silence…let your success be your noise because you only fail when you stop trying.”

– Adam McFadden – Founder / Firehouse Training
Canada’s Fastest Growing Fire Service Training Company

Entry-Level firefighter aptitude test preparation Study ManuAl

This test preparation manual provides the most up-to-date aptitude assessment content available in Canada, for candidates looking for a career in the fire services. Use this manual for examples of enhanced study assessment questions that you will see on a variety of entry-level firefighter tests found throughout Canada.

With 100 pages and over 300 common aptitude test question examples in the areas of oral comprehension, reading and writing ability, math, mechanical, map reading and interpersonal relations; this manual will provide the edge you need to be successful on you next test!

only $44.99

"absolutely incredible"

The study content in this book is absolutely incredible. I have read many different study guides over the years but this is the most comprehensive version I have ever seen, with a Canadian perspective. I highly recommend this recruitment guidebook.
– Ashley

"Covers So Many Different Aspects"

This book covers so many different aspects of the fire service, that I didn’t even know existed. Thank you for opening my eyes to many more opportunities available to me.
– Derek

"Helped Me Achieve My Career"

The amount of information including aptitude test questions, interview prep help and details on the entire firefighter application process really helped me achieve my career in becoming a Firefighter. Thank you Firehouse Training!
– Andrew

"A Very Useful Book"

I can’t believe the amount of information in this book. This book helped me with everything from career questions, my fitness level, to mental health and other questions I had as I’m going through the application process to become a firefighter. It has definitely been a very useful book for me, and I will use it as I navigate through my career too.
– Nick

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