Lithium-Ion Battery Fire & Explosion Awareness Training

Hazardous Materials Classes & Waste Disposal Service

At Firehouse Training, we provide hazard and risk awareness training to fire departments, industry and waste disposal companies in relation to Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Safety Practices, Explosion Hazard Awareness and current best-practices fire mitigation tactics and response strategies.

We will provide your fire service, commercial or industrial workplaces; step-by-step standard operating guidelines and procedures for dealing with this ever-changing technology.. We can also discuss manufacturer specific hazard and risk assessments, to tools available for emergency mitigation, or the workplace.

Various training topics include:

  • Understanding the hazards for fire fighting lithium-ion battery fires
  • Hazardous Materials operational concerns when dealing with electric vehicles
  • Strategy development for the mitigation of fires and explosions
  • Recommended procedures and best practices for battery containment, transfer and disposal
  • Risk assessments, equipment and ppe selection for emergency mitigation
  • On-site risk assessments for fixed-facility energy storage systems and solar power

Lithium-ion Battery Containment & Waste Disposal Pick-Up

Does your municipality, workplace, highrise building or industry have a disposal plan to deal with Lithium-ion Batteries, following an emergency event, fire or mitigation effort?

Who is your 24/7 on-call contact in regards to battery containment, mitigation, pick-up transfer and waste disposal?

Our industry partnership with Corner Point Home Services; Hazardous Materials Solutions will be your one-stop shop across Ontario, when dealing with any lithium-ion battery based responses. Our experienced team will provide hazmat response, specialist consulting, safe-incident mitigation practices, lithium-ion battery containment, transfer and disposal for typical residential, commercial, roadside and municipal services. With multiple municipal contracts awarded throughout the Greater Toronto Area, along with our complete commercial liability and incidentals insurance, we will provide safe and reliable options for any customer, anytime and anywhere.

We provide 24/7 on-call mitigation, site clean-up and assistance; in the area of Lithium-ion Battery product responses for;
  • Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Battery Response
  • Micro-Mobility Devices (E-bikes, Scooters, Hoverboards etc..)
  • Handheld Devices (Cell phones, Tablets, Computers, Vape pens etc.)

Ontario & Eastern Canada Distributor

24/7 Contact Information

Have any questions about our training, consulting or on-call waste disposal services? Contact our experienced team now at the details below.

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