I appreciated the coaches approach to the time taken to completely redefine my resume and cover letter and assisting in getting me a job as a Fire Protection Technician. I will defiinitley recommend Firehouse Training to others.

Tai, Oshawa

I was given some great mock interview practice and preparation for my interview with Halifax Fire and was more prepared than expected. Utilizing the S.T.A.R interview method really helped me organize my thoughts, stories and highlighting my skills. Thank you.

Nathan, Kingston

The interview question preparation and mock interview practice played a big role in me getting hired by the Oshawa Fire Service. Taking the extra time to review and organize my portfolio of certificates prior to the interview, paid off immensely as well. Thanks so much!

Karl, Oshawa

Firehouse training was able to help me understand the hiring process more completely. We reviewed the CPAT fitness testing orientation and requirements, completed my resume and cover letter and reviewed aptitude test questions to give me a better idea on what it takes to be hired as a firefighter.

Chris, Hamilton

The experience that the coach had in helping me prepare for a career as a Fire & Life Safety educator, was greatly appreciated. We reviewed my resume and cover letter, discussed portfolio expectations for the fire service and practiced some panel interview questions specific to a future career in fire and life safety. It was an eye opener for me, as it gave me the opportunity to understand the fire service in greater detail.

Laura, Vaughan

The coach was able to help me with practice and preparation for the OFAI firefighter skills testing for FESTI. We were able to write-down and review the steps required to pass each skill and then physically practice these skills with fire equipment, ropes and ladders. The help I needed to practice the medical scenario testing was certainly appreciated!

Adam, Trenton

The coach helped me prepare for the OFAI Stage 3 skills testing prior to the Toronto Fire recruitment process. After two training sessions with my coach, I passed the test on my second attempt and was officially hired this year. Thanks so much!

Mike, Toronto

I travelled from Ottawa to receive some assistance and coaching for the fire department aptitiude tests. After two separate coaching sessions, I now have a better idea on what to expect for the CPS and OS recruitment tests, as well as to be successful on the OFAI recruitment testing process at FESTI.

Ritchie, Ottawa

The coach helped me prepare for my interview for Vaughan Fire Rescue and it made a huge difference in my confidence and preparation for my interview. The extra tips on proper dress, preparing multiple copies of my portfolio and arriving an hour ahead of time was imprtant to know as well.

Andrew, Port Perry

I was taken through the process and given training on how to take the OFAI firefighter tests. After my second attempt, I was able to successfully complete the medical scenarios and complete the process. The extra help and feedback was definitely needed. Thanks.

Brandon, Bowmanville

The coach was able to help with my resume and cover letter, and we conducted mock interviews and question practice for a future career as a Fire Prevention Officer for Mississauga. The coach was well rounded and also assisted in expanding my experience layout to help me apply for positions in Fire Safety Education as well.

Farshad, Brampton

I was given assistance for the OFAI Stage 3 process. I never really understood how specific and detail oriented it would actually be too pass the firefighter skills testing. It opened my eyes to the entire recruitment and testing process. Thank you!

Sean, Whitby

After multiple coaching review sessions to prepare for all three stages of the OFAI testing and the interview, I was hired by Toronto Fire in my second reruitment interview!!

Tara, Aurora

I had the chance to practice for my OFAI Stages 1,2 and 3, and also have the coach review and completely redo my resume and cover letter. After two-three hour sessions I successfully passed my OFAI testing and was given an interview with Toronto Fire. I was finally hired this last July.

Robyn, Toronto

I drove from London the night before my OFAI Stage 3 recruit testing, based on a last munute referral. We reviewed the skills testing process and had the chance to do some ladder evolutions and medical scenario reviews. I’m glad I found out about the coaching, as it was worth the drive.

David, London

I had an interview with Yelowknife Fire and was never more prepared following my interview coaching session. Actually writing down and preparing answers, prior to just rehearsing made a big difference in my preparation.

Zach, Newmarket

The coach was able to help me with my resume and also help me organize and put together my portolfio of certificates and reference letters. This was a lot more specific than I thought it would be. He also found me two separate volunteer opportunities to help upgrade my qualifications, and set me up with contacts, application process’ and phone interviews. I never expected that coming out of our initial session.

Matt, Hamilton

As a volunteer firefighter, I had a pretty good grasp on what the process is like to become a full-time firefighter. I have used the coaching sessions four times now for many different fire service recruitments and interview practice. Each interview and hiring process has been getting easier as I made one hiring list so far, and hope to be full-time this year.

Jordan, Bowmanville

I was hired by the Toronto fire department last year and it wouldn’t have been without the help of the professional career coach. We reviewed my application prior to submitting, practiced for my interview and helped me understand what it is like to be a part of a panel interview process. I felt very prepared and it was worth it when I got my job offer.

Laura, Innisfil

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