TR2 Tactical Face Mask


About the TR2 Tactical Face Mask for the Fire & Emergency Services

Developed in collaboration with the Emergency Services, it provides a better means of protection while training and working in compromised environments. Whether it be running medical response calls, working in and around smoke, dealing with viruses and bacteria’s or cleaning duties around the fire station, this is the tactical mask of choice.

Today’s emergency services, law enforcement and military special forces understand the importance of protecting their lungs – however, they cannot afford to compromise their ability to perform effectively. This is the foundation upon which the TR2 was designed. By offering a low profile design that’s easy to don , the TR2 is the most adaptable respirator for the emergency services and tactical units.

Through hours of active testing with special forces operators and emergency services personnel, the TR2 has proven to be service-ready. It is more compact, comfortable, and breathable than any other respirator. If you are a Firefighter, Police Officer, Special Forces Operator, SWAT officer, or from another tactical unit, the Tactical Respirator II is the best defense your lungs have.

About o2 Tactical

We are engineers, designers, veterans, and industry experts. Our friends, family, and comrades have suffered from chronic and acute lead poisoning. Our finest deserve better. At O2 Industries, we applied our experience in premium respiratory protection and started O2 Tactical.

O2 Tactical is a research and design team dedicated to giving military and law enforcement the best respirators. Our core mission is to ensure you can protect yourself without compromising performance. We work day-in and day-out with Tier 1 elite operators and subject matter experts to execute this mission. We are the tip of the spear when it comes to defusing hazardous airborne particles.

Military, Fire Service & Law
Enforcement Applications

Smoke & Hot Gases, Viruses & Bacterias, Aerosolized Lead, Mold, Explosives Dust, Environmental Pollution / Road Dust / Exhaust Particles


  • Low profile minimizes cheek-weld interference
  • Low-riding seal is eyewear compatible
  • Superior Field Performance
  • 97% Filter Effectiveness at 0.3 microns
  • Very breathable even during strenuous activity
  • Simple filter replacement
  • Designed for Configurability
  • Multiple strap options for varying kit setups
  • Soft-touch medical-grade silicone

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