Virtual Mock Firefighter Interview

We provide a mock Firefighter interview service that you can utilize from the comforts of your own home!


From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Can’t make it to our training facility in Fergus, Ontario for our personalized one-on-one or group interview preparation session?

Is our monthly training schedule not matching up with yours as well?

Do you live outside of Ontario and somewhere else in the country and have a Fire Department interview coming up?

Well that’s okay, because we also provide a mock interview service that you can utilize from the comforts of your own home!

Firehouse Training Will Provide The Following During Your Virtual Mock Firefighter Interview:

  • All the same great services we offer our in-class training candidates
  • 3-hour virtual mock interview sessions from the comfort of your own computer
  • Focus on question and answer preparation to better highlight your soft skills
  • Formal panel interview format questions and fire department response
  • A short behavioural based interview training session prior to our mock interview
  • Action letter and feedback report to all candidates using this service (Value Added!)

About Our Virtual Mock Firefighter Interview Coaching Services

Many career coaching companies spend a great deal of time critiquing the mock interview after it has taken place, rather than taking the time to prepare the candidate efficiently for it. 

At Firehouse Training, we will provide the candidate with some behavioural based interview training specifics, interview question preparation and analyze key words and quality attributes, to get you to that next level.  Our training is based on fire department behaviour based soft-skill question preparation, as they anticipate the practice for the mock panel interview. The candidate will understand the importance of warm eye contact and posture, appropriate dress and behaviours, including the various tips and strategies that will ensure a perfect first impression. 

Feedback provided from various human resource divisions and hiring panels from both the private and public emergency services management have been given to help the candidate be as prepared as possible…so they can “Smoke their Fire Service interview”! Our coaching staff have experience and knowledge working with a majority of fire services across the country, in regards to the expectations and hiring process’ to guide the candidate, for the specific fire department they are applying for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Firehouse Training

So how do I purchase this service?

You can purchase your SKYPE Mock Interview service right here at the button below and a professional interview coach from Firehouse Training will contact you by phone or email to set-up a date and time for your Skype mock interview, in the future.

How Much does it cost?

All of our Skype Interview coaching services are $290.00 plus HST.

What Does My Virtual Mock Firefighter Interview Service Include?

This service includes the following:

  • Formal interview training during the beginning of our session
  • The panel mock interview
  • An action letter feedback report for each candidate following the mock interview portion

How Long Is Each Virtual Firefighter Interview Coaching Session?

Each coaching session is 3 hours in duration and can be completed on any computer. This service is a Canada-wide service. 

Why Is It More Money Than The Competition? Do I Get More Value?

Yes, that’s right! At Firehouse Training we offer a much more detailed and personalized service that actually GETS RESULTS! We have helped hundreds of candidates across Canada perform well in their perspective interviews. Firehouse Training provides the highest quality and professionalism on every coaching session. Don’t believe us? Visit our Google Business page for client reviews, to see what many of our clients have had to say about our services.

Is This Service More Than Just Showing Up And Performing A Mock Firefighter Interview In Front Of Someone And Being Critiqued?

Of course. We begin each SKYPE interview coaching sessions with formal interview training, prior to progressing into detailed question and answer preparation based on the candidates background, resume and experience. We will then conduct a formal mock interview, and following your interview we will review, critique and provide you with an Action Feedback Report to allow the candidate to improve these interviewing skills between our coaching session, and your big day!

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Firehouse Training is committed to providing high quality and professional fire service training, to both job seeking applicants and career emergency services staff. 

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