In accordance with NFPA 1072 standards

The Lifesaving
“Strategies Against Terrorism” Blueprint

that turns first-aid dabblers into First Response Professionals

This blueprint is not for the uninspired emergency service workers and wannabe heroes seeking shortcuts or band-aid solutions…

But if you have the desire to become a STANDOUT first responder or highlight yourself as a STELLAR firefighting candidate… you can become the first response expert among your peers the next time an active threat hits close to home- learned in LESS time than your average 12-week college course.


I would always go through my firefighting career with the events of 9/11 in the back of my mind. This historic event inspired an entire generation of would-be firefighters and first responders, just like yourself. And still to this day, it’s an example of one of the reasons I LOVE this profession. But since then and throughout my career, I noticed something…

The most dangerous part of this profession is and always will be COMPLACENCY. Whether you are a student trying to get hired, or 10+ year emergency service veteran, There will always be that voice in your head telling you to relax… take it easy.

That voice is toxic.

It will get you and everyone around you in trouble the next time poor preparation catches you with your pants down… and in this line of work that happens… OFTEN. Through this blueprint, you will become a BETTER first responder, able to silence your weak inner voice at will and bring out your inner badass.

A calm, cool & collected professional that can handle any HIGH-STRESS situation. The type who is respected for honourable service & dedication to the job, and whose admirable legacy is remembered for generations. Because if you can respond without hesitation to the chaos of a large-scale terrorist event…

Everything else becomes a walk in the park.

A few things you’ll learn inside…

  • How first responders work together seamlessly to deal with these high-risk calls
  • Learn exactly what weapons of mass destruction ARE and how they can be neutralized by fast-acting response
  • A ground zero perspective on terrorist extremism and what we have learned from decades of global terrorist attacks
  • Canada’s blatantly obvious vulnerabilities that the “bad guys” can attack at any given moment
  • An easy to digest briefing on terror extremism in North America
  • Step by step Standard Operating Procedures for terror attacks that first responders used in the Boston Marathon bombing attack
  • Advanced Terrorism Awareness designed specifically for first responders
  • Defending against the 5 deadly fundamentals: Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear, and Explosive attacks (CBRNE)
    CBRNE response tactics uncovered… learn what makes each type of threat unique and specifically how to deal with each one individually
  • Biological warfare’s global potential, using COVID-19 as a modern-day case study
  • The ticking time bomb that is nuclear warfare, and what its destruction means for first responders
  • What incident management is supposed to look like when terrorism, bomb threats, or active shooters are involved
  • A play by play on meth labs and how they are dealt with from a first responder’s point of view
  • What defines a terrorist or terrorist group and how the media has influenced society from the REAL definition
  • The most effective personal protective equipment that we should be wearing at any terrorist-related call
  • Discover the key things pointing to “acts of terror” when attending routine calls, that most would not even consider
  • Incident command and response tactics that are proven and effective in dismantling any further threats

And these examples are just a sneak peek into what you’ll be learning from this blueprint…

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